Get Noticed @ Your Library!

This page is dedicated to the premise that the ideal level of collaboration in a school environment is one that is thoroughly collaborative, with teachers and librarians working together to educate, assess learning, and modify educational approaches to further improve learning.

Our underlying theory is as follows:

If they don't know how you can help, they won't seek you out.

  • If you want to bring them in, you have to let them know you're here.

  • No matter what level of collaboration your school has achieved, marketing the library is an essential component, as if the library is not in the forefront of the school culture, it can easily be forgotten.

  • Use the links to explore various ideas about marketing your library: we have compiled research, online resources, tips, and networking options to help out any librarian with marketing to increase collaboration.

ALA's Position Statement on the Value of Library Media Programs in Education