Be a Shameless Self-Promoter

It's good to tell your principal that you're important, but it's better to show your principal that you're essential.

There are a multitude of articles to help state your case:

Libraries urged to innovate
John Hickok, who is the Instruction/International Outreach Librarian from California State University, studied why and how academic libraries in Vietnam had fallen into disuse. He found that lack of central support, or collaboration between libraries were largely to blame.

Young Learners Need Librarians, not Google
This article from March 22, 2010 in Forbes Magazine offers tough criticism of the lack of funding for libraries and the need for specialists who can teach children information literacy skills.

Why we Still Need Libraries and Librarians
An excellent 2010 article on the reasons librarians are important. Includes links to other articles as well.

Capitalizing on the School Library’s Potential to Positively Affect Student Achievement: A Sampling of Resources for Administrators
At 26 pages, this is a lengthy document to simply print and slip into your administrator's box, but it offers some great shorter bits that could be sampled.

School Libraries Work!
is a 28 page research report published by Scholastic which cites numerous studies that show the value of a strong, well-funded library on academic achievement.

In Web Age, Library Job gets Update:
In this NY Times article, we meet a librarian who has made a difference by teaching website evaluation skills, purchasing popular books, and working with a tight budget. This is an article to forward to your principal.

Strong Libraries help Student Achievement
This article is a 2008 reprint of a 2000 article discussing how students in staffed libraries score higher on CSAP tests than students in schools with understaffed or unstaffed libraries. For a one page summary complete with graph:

Library Research ServicePage
Includes powerpoints, pdf files of research on the impact of libraries, and two pivotal reports: How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards and Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement

IFLA's site for School Librarians
This site offers helpful tips, marketing campaign examples, holiday celebration ideas, and links to international research.